UNC Asheville Eclipse Event (Campus Only)

August 21, 2017 is not only the day of the total solar eclipse, it is also the first day of classes for the 2017-18 academic year. All faculty, staff, and students are invited to gather together on the Quad for a great afternoon of eclipse watching, listening to eclipse-inspired music, playing games, yoga, enjoying ice cream and other treats, and experiencing this great event together. For more information about the event, please visit UNC Asheville's Great American Eclipse webpage. There is also a place to join others on campus in eclipse-related discussions (campus email login required). Students should also be aware of the revised UNC Asheville class schedule for August 21, 2017 that has been created so everyone on campus can participate in the eclipse event.

While the campus community is looking forward to a wonderful shared eclipse experience on the Quad that day, we unfortunately cannot accommodate the general public. However, if you are looking for a local eclipse-viewing event to attend, Asheville's Solar Eclipse Festival is just the thing for you. This event is a community collaboration between UNC Asheville, the Asheville Museum of Science, Asheville City SchoolsBuncombe County Schools, the828.com, and Mix 96.5. Bring the whole family and witness a spectacular solar eclipse while enjoying music, food, fun activities, splashville, and more! This festival is one of 30 eclipse parties hosted across North and South Carolina as part of the Carolina Solar Eclipse Party initiative.

Keep in mind that Asheville is not in the path of totality, so if you want to see the total eclipse, you will need to travel west or south of Asheville to experience it. There are several locations in the path of totality North Carolina and South Carolina that will be holding organized eclipse watching events. Just know that as long as you're in the path, you'll get to see it as long as the weather cooperates!